Do you have a Life Trust With Universal Wealth Preservation?

As you may well know, in October 2017 Universal ran out of money and all of the staff were told to down tools and leave the building. Since then many people who have a Wealth Preservation trust and have Universal as trustees have had tremendous problems getting Universal to act in their role as trustees.

Problems of having a Trustee who cannot act.

If you want to move house you WILL NOT be able to do this unless you change Trustees

Only Trustees Can Do This!

If there is a 3rd party challenge against your assets held in trust its is imperative that you have Trustees that are able to act. Trustees are the only ones that can do this

Only Trustees Can Do This!

You need to retire Universal as Trustees and reappoint new trustees ASAP to ensure your beneficiaries have no problems inheriting when you pass away.

Only Trustees Can Do This!

Here at My Family Matters we have helped many people to remove Universal as Trustees and replace them with Trustees of your choice. Putting the control back into your hands. If you do have a Universal Wealth Preservation Trust It is vital that you get in touch with us ASAP and find out how easy this process is. 


The one thing that 99% of Universal Clients have in common is the fact that they have some or all of their original documents held at Dencora House, Universal Head office in Ipswich. This can and is causing major problems for people. We have helped over 120 Universal clients to Remove Universal as Trustees and appoint new Trustees of their choice. Part of the service we provide is to start a group action to attempt the removal and repatriation of the original documents from Dencora house. 
The good news is that we are offering the service for you to join the group for FREE. We will email you a ‘Letter Of Authority’ (LOA) for you to sign and post back to us. This enables us to act on your behalf. There might be a cost in the future if, for example, we have to go to court and get a judge to grant us forced entry into the building. This would be shared by the group if everyone is agreeable. There are a few other legal routes we are going to try first which won’t cost you a penny. Once we have your documents in our possession the only cost to you is the postage to send them back to youThe one thing all of our clients have in common is that the majority of their original documents are locked up in Dencora House, Ipswich.
If you would like to join the group then please get in touch. The best way will be to fill the form in below. We will then be able to email the letter of authority to you and get the ball rolling. Thanks for your time in reading this and I look forward to speaking with you soon..

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