A Convenient Way To Access Professional Estate

Planning Advice

Professional Advice at a fraction of the cost

Tailor made advice in the comfort of your own home.

Get the right advice for your personal circumstances

Our unique service means we can pass the savings on to you

Very simply we organise a virtual meeting on your Computer, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone.

Firstly an introductory telephone call to make sure you have the correct technology and to set up the meeting

How Our Service Works...

Secondly a series of virtual consultations to meet your advisor and perform a risk assessment of your individual circumstances

Finally we email you a few options and prices and book you in for your final virtual consultation to discuss things further.

What a breath of fresh air?

Our Promise To You....

We will not ask you for any payment until the end of the process.

We will not pressure you in any way to make a decision. You can take all the time that you need.

If you find a like for like service elsewhere we will be extremely surprised and will match it straight away

Oh! and for your peace of mind we have £2.5M of Insurance

Want to get the ball rolling?

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